In a world so connected we are now, more than ever, utterly alone. We search google for answers from total strangers, we seek acceptance from others based on trivial interests rather just being the people we are. It’s easier to post online than to use the same phone to just hear a real voice or go for simple walk and just talk nonsense and get it off your chest. This world is more connected than ever and yet still we couldn’t be more distant.

There are those who live their lives through the camera, as though a life isn’t real unless every frame is documented for the global audience; There are those whose camera shields them from responsibility, another person being beaten, bloodied and helpless and yet the phones are used to record the event rather than to call for help.

We make ourselves connected across countries, even oceans, but never try to connect with a person sitting in the same room. Our connections keep us in touch while driving us apart.



      1. I think if people around us were able to provide better answers or even ask better questions we wouldn’t talk online as much. But since our era gives us an a portal to the world why not take it?


      2. Very true, if proper questions and their answers can be found then the use of our connectivity is well founded, however, when that connectivity breeds such posts as I see too often; a person taking to a public forum to complain about their partner instead of the logical route of actually talking with them face to face, pasting every facet for the world to see. The internet has brought countless people together true enough, modern revolutions were made possible and lives have been changed for good or ill, but the other edge of the sword is a culture of detachment and self absorption where nothing is private and it is through choice that it is all public although I admit It may just be that I don’t understand.

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      3. I think multinational corporations prey on the hidden narcissistic trait’s that most people. I know many people who act on fb like celebrities and it is just sad. Also it can be addictive since likes can give dopamine fixes on the brain. And to go a step further everyone hopes that they will be a success. They don’t understand the time and effort it normally takes to be a writer. All that combined is the reasons we have so many blogs full with complaints.

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      4. I agree, corporations and media are designed to maintain a status quo within the populace, to allow people their comfort and their self justifying exposure to the world. It can be a terrible addiction, as can many modern vices. Ah yes, the intangible dream of success without work, that glimpse of hope whenever a person buys a lottery ticket or picks up a guitar expecting to play like Hendrix the first time out. I too have something of this, I love to write and would dearly like to be published but I have a terrible habit of not finishing what I start but I know this of myself, it’s annoying. I mean really annoying. I’ve no-one to complain to or about except myself, I need to finish my work but I keep procrastinating.

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  1. This is something I think about often,especially when I was getting my master’s degree in communication. When I’m at event, whether a concert, dinner, etc., I sometimes catch myself taking video or photos, and have to remind myself to not let that be my only view of the event. Those are meant to help me remember later, not actually help me live the event as it is happening. I also had to impose a rule on myself that I will not update social media about what I’m doing until I’m done doing it, and not every single time either.It’s so much more important to be in the moment.

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