First time in the public eye.

He stared at the bright screen, not quite knowing what to write. Even in this digital format the words were hard to find so he just started typing and hoped for the best. He’d been dreaming of being an author for literally years, but his work always fell victim to the demon procrastination, getting coffee, doing housework, anything but putting words on the page and it was tiring starting so many stories only to have them left languishing unfinished on his hard-drive. A week or so ago one of his friends discovered a website, one where anyone could publish anything. She’d started a blog about how she copes with her mental health; it was a good blog and had a certain following already. He’d found himself with a certain curiosity about it and wondered if it might prove useful to him too, the possibility of perhaps writing for the blog, gauging what others thought and maybe even some positive feedback to spur him on. So he sat in front of the bright screen and started typing, hoping for the best.


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